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Quick introduction to Eric:
Eric is from Lancaster Massachusetts. He makes art and music in his family’s barn. He paints houses, welds sculptures, fixes instruments and teaches music and art. Spend enough time with Eric and he will sing you a silly song about building a puzzle or hanging sheet-rock with a sprained arm, and do a jig on your kitchen floor while cooking pancakes. If you want to see him perform or you have a question to ask, send an email and he’ll be happy to hear from you.

Official Biography and press-release:
Eric Treehouse is an acoustic singer songwriter with deep New England roots. Colonial cemeteries and industrial revolution era factories become settings for his narrative lyrics: “A sorry soul on sacred ground, with her eyes closed, she hangs her head, like a rusted chain on a graveyard gate, broken in two.” The Worcester Telegram says, “Songs such as ‘Broken in Two’, have a sort of old-school, lyric-driven country edge. It’s a fine whiskey of a song, and like good whiskey, can leave you a little messed up and weepy.” In the broad genre of singer/songwriters Eric fits in a contemporary section with musicians like David Grey, Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice. Eric is a self-taught guitarist, though his love for music started in early childhood with lessons on cello and trombone. Eric has performed on many stages from Seattle to New York City, and was a 2011/12 finalist on the New England television show “Community Auditions.” He is currently preparing to release his debut album; ‘Dangerous Shoals’. For more information about Eric Treehouse, including updates about his music, art and performance schedule visit the website: www.erictreehouse.com, and like his music on facebook at www.facebook.com/erictreehouse.



“Sun blonde hair rolling on a green rug
spitting watermelon seeds off the front porch swing,
sliding down the waxed-papered bulkhead,
screen door swinging in and out

Memories it seems more like dreams
out of focus and torn at the seams
in the living room stood the old piano
with a few broken keys, it was never in tune
but I loved to play it anyway…”     (lyrics from Edna’s House)

-Eric Treehouse




Email: erictreehouse@aol.com