Recording is going well. It’s a tedious but fun process, and I can’t wait to share the results.

I am splitting time between recording in Boston and Lancaster. Both locations have their benefits and drawbacks. There is a huge difference in space with large vaulted ceilings in Boston and the tight slanted attic roof in Lancaster. The two spaces should be recognizable in the final recordings, I’m keeping notes about each recording. Nothing ever goes perfectly. After some failed tests where I discovered bad electrical noise in post production, I settled on simple recording setup that includes the most important piece of equipment: my trusted power conditioner. The old 4 track tape machine has been getting a workout, and the little digital recorder is also getting used. In the end I will have digital and analog copies of each recording to choose from. There is definitely some quirkiness and tape noise with the cassette tape 4 track, and the more I use it the more I like the sound. A little tape noise and quirkiness really sounds more interesting when the other option is a silent digital mirror. Either way this record is getting done, and my voice is getting a serious workout. Think it’s time for some new strings on the guitar and today will be another day in the Lancaster attic.