Feeling good

Pat and all the folks at  DigBoston.com are some of kindest and friendliest people I’ve ever met.  Another great experience, and it felt like home to be back in Boston with my guitar and harmonica, singing into a couple of microphones.

The next step in this process has begun. Before getting some sleep last night I went through the music I recorded over the last few weeks and pulled out a couple test tracks. It’s a huge relief to feel so content with my solo music, I don’t miss having the other instruments. It is surprising how an acoustic guitar can pull at me so hard. It is starting to make sense.

For a while I was worried about filling out space, writing cello parts, adding some percussion or overdubbed vocals. The fact remains constant: I write songs with an acoustic guitar because it feels like the best tool for the job, anything beyond that creates more questions and problems than it solves. This process of sitting down with a guitar, 2 microphones and very limited technology is less forced. No metronomes, click tracks, no computer screen, sound card or software short keys. The guitar, my voice and the microphones get all of my attention. I can hear the music coming into focus, it is relaxing and it feels right.


P.S. Next show is Jan 8, 2014 at PA’s Lounge in Somerville MA, time: is TBA. Have a happy New Year!