Live on Dig Boston radio! Sun Dec 22 – 5pm

This is officially the start of Eric Treehouse, the interwebable sites are up, recordings are being recorded and the shows are starting to fill up the calendar.

Just confirmed a Radio interview with Pat B! I’ll be on Sunday Dec 22 @ 5pm tune in at:


Eric Treehouse live on Dig Boston radio

Eric Treehouse live on Dig Boston radio

I’m venturing out solo after the pleasantly mysterious and unforeseen disbanding of The Smile Makers. My friend Pat over at Dig Boston radio,will be hosting the festivities. This will be something of a new beginning for him as well after his move from his previous show on UnRegular radio. There might be some banter about a horrible Miley Cyrus turkey, there will likely be a painful medical procedure to update my poor out of touch brain with all things involving media internet pop culture. And I’ll be talking briefly about my upcoming Recordings. I’m sure there will be a huge amount of random banter hopefully I’ll remember to talk about bad children’s songs that involve batman and we’ll see if we can include a short clip to send you screaming to cut off your ears and stuff cotton balls in the remaining holes. ┬áSo if you are reading this please tune in and enjoy the show, if you have a suggestion for a topic or a song please send me a note, and I’ll try to include you.

I’m happy to feel the continued connections with all the people who supported my band over the passed 4 years, and 2014 is going to be a freaking great year!

Put on your winter clothes, strap on your ice-skates, hold high your ukulele and lets all play full contact flag field hockey!!! Go team! -Eric